STJV Series Tactile Switch



Datasheet in PDF

IP67 Process Sealed
Multi-Directional Actuator
Right Angle
Gold or Silver Contact Option
Multiple Actuation Force Options


Classifications Right Angle Through-Hole



Number Of Poles
Latching Option
Terminal Options
Right Angle Multi-Directional Actuator Process Sealed Through-Hole
Electrical Ratings
Sealing Degree
IP67, Process Sealed
Electrical Life
100,000 cycles
Contact Resistance
<= 50mOhm initial
Actuation Force
130 +/- 50gF, 200 +/- 50gF, 300 +/- 50gF
Actuation Travel
1.6 +/- .25mm
Dielectric Strength Contact To Contact
500V rms
Insulation Resistance
> 100MOhm min
Operating Temperature
-40C to 85C
Storage Temperature
-40C to 85C
Actuator Materials
Stainless Steel
Cover Material
Stainless Steel
Housing Materials
6/6 Nylon
Contacts Materials
Silver Plated Stainless Steel
Terminals Materials
Silver Plated Brass
Support Bracket Material
Tin Plated Steel



Dimensional Drawing


PC Board Layout