ANT Series Toggle Switch



Datasheet in PDF

Miniature Size Electro-Mechanical Toggle
Flat Toggle with Anti-Rotation Option
Wide Variety of Actuator Styles
Gold Contacts Available


Classifications Right Angle Panel Mount, Through-Hole



Number Of Poles
Latching Option
Terminal Options
Solder Lug, PC Pin, Quick Connect, Horizontal Mount Right Angle PC Pin or Snap-In, Vertical Mount Right Angle PC Pin or Snap-In, PC Pin with Support Bracket or Snap-In Support Bracket
Switch Function
On-None-On, On-None-(On), On-Off-On, (On)-Off-(On), On-Off-(On), On-On-On
Electrical Ratings
5A@120VAC, 5A@28VDC, 2A@250VAC
Electrical Life
50,000 cycles
Contact Resistance
<= 20mOhm initial
Dielectric Strength Contact To Contact
1500V rms
Insulation Resistance
> 1000MOhm min
Operating Temperature
-40C to 85C
Storage Temperature
-40C to 85C
Actuator Materials
Chrome Plated Brass
Cover Material
Stainless Steel
Housing Materials
Diallyl Phthalate (DAP)
Contacts Materials
Silver Plated Phosphor Bronze
Terminals Materials
Silver Plated Brass
Bushing Material
Nickel Plated Brass
Support Bracket Material
Tin Plated Brass
Bushing Options
8.89mm Non-Threaded Keyway, 7.10mm Non-Threaded Keyway, 8.89mm 1/4 Flat, 8.89 M6P-07.75 Metric Keyway, 8.00mm High Torque Keyway, 7.52mm High Torque Flat, 7.55mm Anti-Rotation Non-Threaded Keyway, 7.55mm Anti-Rotation Non-Threaded Flat, 11.38mm 15/32 Keyway, 11.38mm 15/32 Keyway with Support Insert, 7.55mm 1/4-40NS Splash Proof Flat, 8.0mm 1/4-40NS Non-Threaded Keyway
Actuator Lengths
5.08mm, 10.41mm, 13.97mm, 16.26mm, 21.34mm, 6.35mm Flat, 12.3mm Flat, 21mm Flat, 13.5mm Flat, 12.37mm Large, 17.45mm Large, 14.73mm Round Top Locking, 14.73 Flat Top Locking, 21.34mm Plastic, 26.3mm Flat Top Plastic
Actuator Cover
S, T, X, V, W, E, F, J, G, BZ, BZR
Actuator Cover Colors
White, Black, Red



Dimensional Drawing